Lori Weidenhammer
is a performance artist from Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan. She now lives in Vancouver. She has participated in two residencies at the Banff Center for the Arts, the Instability of the Feminist Subject, and Action Poetry. She has created street theater, musical comedy, radio art, performance art, and video. Her work often uses humor to explore feminist issues. She has performed her own work across Canada, in venues such as The Khyber Cafe in Halifax, Victoria's Focus on Women Festival, Vancouver's Tongue of the Slip, and the Western Front.

Her video work has shown in Canada and Hawaii. Her poetry was included in Much Music's Word Up series, and is included on the Word Up compact disc and book. She collaborated with Winnipeg artist Ken Gregory to create Cranking Out Paradigms, an interactive reworking of the gramophone using computer generated video and sound-bites. She completed her latest video Don Juan Envy as the Video Pool artist in residence. Lori recently finished a tour of England and Canada with Foursight Theater's production of The Trout Sisters. She is working on an interactive project with Peter Courtemanche called Divining for Lost Sound in which the audience uses a divining rod to access buried sound. This piece will be shown this summer at St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre near Winnipeg.

Lori's alter-ego Groova Dig Dig sings occasionally with Eve Rice in her Astro Lounge band Vav Jungle and Eve's Diva Lounge band Rubber Bubbles.

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