As part of the ongoing research at the shetopia we are developing a line of radio transmitter and receiver bras for a series of bra broadcasts all around the world. Rosy Antonia and I are wearing prototypes which soon will be available to everyone. All this is a part of re-gendrification in the new Utopia.

Our motto is why burn your bra, when you can turn it into something useful, like a radio? Don't burn your bra, tune your bra and turn it on. We're at Ovary Envy Radio, radio to drop an egg by, tuned into a frequency that soothes your fallopian tubes. Remember when Lori Partridge on the Partridge family received radio broadcasts through her braces? Well don't be surprised if the same thing happens to you if you're wearing an i.u.d. Don't be alarmed, just groove with it. As my friends Sensible Footwear would say, "men can do this too".

As part of tonight's performance, I'll be asking you to interact with a pencil and paper to give us your ideas for inventions for the feminist Utopia, which you can give to Antonia and I will read between the performances. I'll give you an example: As I was walking down a slushy street in Winnipeg the other day, a man started shoveling slush near my nice new blue dress. Instead of hurling old-fashioned epithets at him, I would have like to turn on a girdle that would have allowed me to hover above him and drooped some synthetic vagina slime on his head. That's the kind of invention a girl needs for survival in the modern world.

Rosy Antonia will take down your suggestions and by this time next year, we will have stacks of new products for you to use. Drop on by and write out your new inventions. We'll put them on our web-site while we're developing them.

Back to the Prairie planet.

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