We hope you have enjoyed Virtual postcards for the Feminist Utopia, which included artists Lori Blondeau, Joanne Bristol, and Sue Bustin from Saskatoon; Sue Chafe from Winnipeg, Lori Weidenhammer in Vancouver, and Marina Zurkow, from New York. The artists would like to thank Mentoring Artists for Women's Art and the Manitoba Arts Council. Please she-mail us your comments, or send us an idea for an invention which would be useful in the Feminist Utopia.

Here are some inventions we are working on for the Feminist Utopia right now:

dear Goddess of the FU:

I would like you to invent a better hot roller. I need something portable that I can plug into a wind generator for stronger longer lasting dos. Can you do this for me and make it under forty dollars?

dear Goddess of the FU

I was sitting on an airplane recently, and the man next to me was wearing so much bad cologne it made me nauseous. Could you please invent a device using environmentally unfriendly douche products to spray on him and nix the Old Spice?

sincerely, Pussy la Peeyootiful!

Before you go home, tell us about your need for an invention.

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