Marina Zurkow

When I first talked to Marina about the feminist Utopia, she came up with fantastic images of tree house treetopias, and traveling yurts. It was Marina who came up with the idea of protopia: movement towards a utopia. Marina has created a web whore for this site: a drowsy girl whose face looks younger than her body. She reminds me of the girl in the novel within the novel by A. S. Byatt called Babel Tower. Her body which was initially offered up for utopian impulses becomes tortured instead. This cyber-whore is disturbing because her face is young, and younger than her body, and she is half-human, half-dolly. By creating the sleepy gestures of the doll, Marina shows the poignant world-weariness of the cyberwhore. She/the artist/we watche(s) you watching porn, and is(are) old-soul wise about how you will use her body to satisfy your desires. The web-whore's weltschmertz implicates us in our search for finger-driven pleasures.

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