Joanne Bristol

In a postcard project with Andrea Ward, Joanne and Andrea make two postcards: in one, Joanne plays Dorothy, in pink Doc Martins with Toto tucked under her arm, Andrea is the tough, hip-looking witch smoking a cigarette in a black leather jacket and a pointy black toque. In the next postcard the two have switched places, and the photo looks as though some of the props aren't quite on properly. Dorothy's wig is falling off, and the witch is trying to offer Dorothy a cigarette. the photo makes you think that after this pose, they may yet again switch roles. The fun goes on, playing out roles for each other on a bed with rumpled sheets.

When I first began the project, Joanne sent me a picture of the three women in her band, which I knew as Sister Boots with Joanne, Carla Powers and Catherine McGrath. They are wearing paper maché longhorn cattle-horns, and relaxing in the light of a setting sun. They create original songs on a range of diverse topics, and rework tunes in a unique fun fur manner. These women remind me of the grassroots groups of women I've been lucky to be a part of on the prairie. I have memories of potlucks, vivid discussions, back porch improv sessions, role playing and utopian dreams.

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