Lori Weidenhammer


Weidenhammer's Sonic Therapy Spa (2009) at Second Site II at VanDusen Botanical Garden

An interactive outdoor performance-installation by Lori Weidenhammer. Instruments by Absolute Value of Noise.


The Laughing Dress (2008)

Performance and installation by Lori Weidenhammer and Absolute Value of Noise.


Madame Dolittle: The Beespeaker Project (2006)

Diary and blog of the Beespeaker Project - an outdoor installation and performance.


.. devolve into II .. (2002)

An international network streaming project with contributions from Peter Courtemanche and Lori Weidenhammer (Vancouver), Roberto Paci Dalò (Rimini), Kim Dawn and Scott Russell (Vancouver), Maex Decker and Ushi Reiter (Linz), Andrew Garton (Melbourne), Ken Gregory (Winnipeg), Emilia Telese and Tim Mark Didymus (Brighton), Wolfgang Temmel (Wies, Steiermark), and Fujui Wang (Taipei). Commissioned by Kunstradio ORF.


.. devolve into .. (2000)

An on-line image + sound generator produced for Kunstradio ORF, with Shawn Chappelle, Joelle Ciona, Peter Courtemanche, and Lori Weidenhammer.


Divining for Lost Sound (1997 - 1999)

An interactive outdoor installation created in collaboration with Peter Courtemanche.


Reinventing the Diva (1998)

A festival of performance art held at the Western Front Society, October 1998. Curated by Lori Weidenhammer, Eric Metcalfe, Antonia Hirsh, Peter Courtemanche, and Marusya Bociurkiw. On-line projects by Marlene Madison, Carol Sawyer, Lori Weidenahmmer, and Kira Wu.


Postcards from the Feminist Utopia (1996)

Six on-line artist postcards curated by Lori Weidenhammer for Mentoring Artists for Women's Art. Postcards by Lori Blondeau, Joanne Bristol, Sue Bustin, Sue Chafe, Lori Weidenhammer, and Marina Zurkow.